Aerial Photography and Video

Our aerial services are utilized in many different ways. We field requests to document sporting venues.  Aerial content for private events, commercials and feature films is often provided. 

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  • UAS Commercial Operator Permit
  • UAS Government Operator Permit
  • AMA Certified & Insured

What We Do…

  • Aerial Photography for Journalism
  • Aerial Videography for Film & TV
  • Disaster Relief Surveillance
  • Precision Crop Monitoring

Being seen from above.

Armed with the perfect toolkit to build your brand, we do much more than just take a pretty picture. We build your content into a multimedia campaign by providing photography and video services as a pair. Then we build this content into a marketing stream of content that not only serves to your potential viewership, but engages people to interact with your brand.

Aerial services provide access to a large variety of customized functionalities. Specific needs for shot placement may be inserted into any section of content with just a few clicks. We’ve also included a full range of shot options that are accessible directly through our consulting service. This means you can have new ideas on the fly, when we fly.

Campaigns for conservation…

We’ve taken aim at providing awareness for natural habitats & causes that preserve the interest of our parks and land. 

Our drones are capable of much more than just taking pictures. These tools are at their best when providing surveillance for disaster relief. A great use of this service is in providing crop monitoring solutions for farms and ranches. This affords a high tech solution to view crops and livestock from a distance. Thus, speeding up this process for our farmers. Drones are being used for soil and field analysis, planting seeds, crop spraying, crop monitoring, observing irrigation and the health assessment of crops.