• “I’ve been producing content professionally since 1999. My talent and focus is dedicated to the development of grassroots programs that facilitate the betterment of our culture. In collaboration with your agency, JoshLloydMedia is capable of producing your content from anywhere in the world.”

    Joshua A. Lloyd - Ridge Journal

Through hardship to the stars. A futurist at heart.

As a director of photography and film production, I am provided with the chance to work intimately with very unique and interesting people. This affords me the opportunity to discover new challenges. And explore the strengths and weaknesses of anyone who have entrusted me with their brand. As a media strategist, these warm encounters are very important. Through this partnership, creative innovation can flourish and my appetite for cutting edge production & development becomes satisfied.

I am a great educator, I am also a great listener. I do not strive for perfection, but I find great joy in perfect moments. It is my obligation to capture these moments for others to enjoy. May I discover these visions in ways I have never imagined.


Photography and video are two of our most fundamental services. By providing this content in 4K resolution, your outfit will have full access to cinematic level media.

We lift this burden off of your shoulders and provide you with a unique opportunity to sell your concept. We give your company & your clients the time and energy that you need for rapid personal growth.

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