It’s not a hobby. This is MY lifestyle.

I always find it strange to learn someone has never been snowboarding. It’s even more awkward to discover they don’t take part in other outdoor activities. It’s in my mind, absolutely imperative that we all take time to explore the great outdoors. And there is no better way to do this then through action sports. It’s within these social circles that we are made better. This is where we become the very best version of ourselves. What type of lifestyle athlete are you? 

Your assignment:

Now matter what you do to get down, get out there and collect as much content as you can. Bring it back to my team and let’s show the world what having fun is really about. Just remember, you only have ONE LIFE. We believe in you, but please be safe out there. #YouGotThis


Action sports has a way of bringing our best and brightest into the limelight, but it’s what we do with this newfound attention that defines us. Action sports are about more than just contests and getting big air. If this is all you focus on, you’ll eventually burn out or even worse, you’ll crash and burn. We work with our athletes to create careers of longevity. More importantly, in today’s age everyone has the chance to be great. It’s no longer about being the best, but instead it’s becoming the very best version of yourself.


Case Study: Pooper’s Point

Base Jumper Clayton Hoyt Butler employed us to edit his videos in 2013. One of the first films we produced was from his ski base jump from a special location known as Pooper’s Point. Once delivered and distributed online, we made sure to back it with some organic marketing by tagging many of the companies Clayton wished to represent. Soon after posting, we were contacted by GoPro’s User Generated Content department. They asked if we could re-package his content for a new edit put forth with the GoPro branding and editing style. It was only then, that we found Clayton a larger following. It was only after sharing, AND re-sharing his content multiple times in different ways that we found success for his brand.

Case in point, companies like GoPro are not going to notice you right away. You have to work towards your goals by producing creative content on your own. You have to create new and unique content regularly to bring awareness to your skillset and/or any products you wish to sell. Below is the full video released by GoPro featuring Clayton and his crew. 


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Clayton Hoyt Butler / Salt lake city, utah

Base Jumper / Wingsuit Athlete

Born in Burlingame, California and raised in Humble, Texas, Clayton relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah with an ambition for the extreme. He ran a very serious campaign from 2008 through to January of 2015. And picked up steam in December of 2012 when he hired JoshLloydMedia to produce the buckets of content he had been collecting for nearly a decade. To make a living, Clayton worked as a Porsche certified mechanic. This afforded him opportunities to chase the Ferrari Challenge of North America, Global Time Attack and other Motorsport events as a team engineer. Learn more about Clayton in the section below. You can also find him online through the links provided… 



Clayton spent nearly all of his free time base jumping, sky diving and harnessing his skills as a wingsuit athlete. One would think that he would see the end by going over the edge, but instead this is where he found his sharpest focus. Clayton has become recognized within his discipline as a serious lifestyle athlete and he’s gone down in the book as one of the ballsiest characters to come through the local scene. In his time, he worked tirelessly to become the very best version of himself and always put others needs ahead of his own. 

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Born in Australia on the small island of Tasmania, Amber started skiing when she was just 3 years old. By her 20th birthday, she began snowboarding and never looked back. She claims luck played a role her her traveling the world. Living her dreams of snowboarding in many different countries is something we all should admire. As a child growing up in a warm weather climate, Amber was accustomed to 3 months of in-season skiing at a time. Amber competed on the Freeride World Tour from 2012 through 2014. Learn more about Amber in the section below. You can find her online with the links provided… 


mind over matter

With more than 26 seasons of dedicated training and competition as a professional snowboarder, and successfully competing on the Freeride World Tour, Amber see’s great benefit in passing on her knowledge to others. More so, this exposure affords her premiere fitness training and the experience necessary to successfully coach individuals from novice to professional class standards. These services have been tailored specifically for the people who need them most. Assuring results that meet all of her client’s needs and expectations. Preparing a program that is designed specifically for you, she helps you build a positive experience of change that in turn, affords you health and happiness. 

“I am not just a fitness trainer; I will be your mentor and guardian as your journey progresses and together we will enjoy the overall experience. This is not a competitive exercise regime; it’s a lifestyle change you will enjoy.”  – Amber Schuecker

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CHASE PHILLIPS / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cliff jumper / lifestyle athlete

Chase is unlike many of the other athletes who come into contact with JoshLloydMedia. He is unique because he produces all of his photography and video personally. Over time he has not only built a skill-set that ranks him as a poly athlete, but he has also learned how to both shoot and edit premiere level content. As Chase came into his own, it was clear that there were still things that he needed help navigating. As a rising star in action sports, brands began pushing contracts on him that he was unsure about signing. It was only then that he reached out for our help. Learn more about Chase in the section below. You can find his crew online with the links provided… 



We’ve never met someone so determined to live their life to the fullest. Chase’s need for speed is only matched by his need to share his findings with the world. Wish Chase’s following climbing into the millions, there’s no turning back. His un-yielding self motivation, consistent exposure, and a natural connection to both people and animals has afforded him a lifestyle that most people only dream of. 

“I’m an adrenaline junkie focused on pushing myself to the limit in every aspect of life. I love to adventure, travel, and experiencing new things. Cliff jumping is my primary passion. Making videos is my creative outlet and I hope you enjoy them!” Chase Phillips

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LAURA MESSNER / Nashua, New Hampshire

OCR Elite ATHLETE / Lifestyle Athlete

We came across Laura in 2017. She was fresh off a win at the Spartan Race Team Challenge 2016, and she was beaming with confidence. She had connected with Zack Paben of More Heart Than Scars to help adaptive athletes run the Spartan Super event in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Laura’s continued work in OCR sports is an inspiration for a lot of people. Laura has become one of the most recognizable OCR athletes to ever come out of the Spartan brand. She uses her influence to bring encouragement and positive change to everyone around her. Learn more about Laura in the section below. You can find her online with the links provided… 



“My proudest moment in life would be every time I found the strength to overcome my fears. We all know how difficult it is to face the things that we fear or those things that make us uncomfortable. Its a slow build up of anxiety and doubt, which usually scares us, making us back down from the things we want to achieve. Being able to develop the courage to adventure outside of our comfort zone even when we know there is a risk of failure is ALWAYS something to be proud of.

As I get older I learn that the more risks I take and the more fears I face the more powerful I feel and that is how success is reached. never met someone so determined to live their life to the fullest”. Laura Messner

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